There are winner companies because they sell a lot; but the successful ones, SAVE enough to be PROFITABLES.

Internal communication is the event where everything is relevant and therefore must be effective.



About Us

Clients do not come first. Yes you read it right!

  • About us

    The first consulting company of Endomarketing with more than 7 years of experience in Central America and the Caribbean, creating the best places to work in the region.

  • What do we do?

    We offer solutions that optimize the resources of your operation and positively impact your financial returns through the culture of the Endomarketing.

100 Communication campaigns
40000 People reached
5 Countries


  • Motion Graphics

    We merge graphic design, photography and video to communicate your message in a dynamic, fresh and creative way.

  • Renewal Spaces

    We renovate spaces, design interiors and enviromental graphics. We create corporate stands.

  • Cloud Tech Solutions

    We innovate in communication channels offering our own infraestructures with the newest technologies.

  • Endomarketing

    We create and implement campaigns that generate savings, efficiency, quality, reduction of losses in processes, standardized communication and engagement.



  • Onboarding plans
  • Training to impact productivity
  • Strategic alignement (graphics and conceptual)
  • Endomarketing
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Communication for organizational changes

Market Strategy

  • Branding development concept
  • Business development strategy
  • Content Strategy

Cloud Tech Solutions

  • Digital Signage
  • Corporate Digital Marketing
  • Broadcasting Media

Space Renewal

  • Office interior design
  • Cafeterias interior design
  • Happy Spots

Motion Graphics

  • Corporate infographics animation
  • Institutional videos
  • High impact presentations

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Sara Solórzano

Project Manager

Vanessa Villegas

Corporate Communication Officer

Guillermo Guevara

Chief Marketing Officer

Yotssy Rosa

Product Designer

Jenniffer Cabrera

Copy Creative

Laurie López


Punto Cardinal was undoubtedly the backbone that helped us create Dynasty. A very creative team, very professional, they delivers more than we expects. They helped us from the complete conceptualization of the brand, customer experience, through interior design issues. Without you it would not have been the same!

Marcela Orellana


Punto Cardinal has been a strategic ally for innovation in the communication of our operational processes, on identity, culture and relationship, endomarketing applied to our processes of operational excellence have generated a profitable impact on our operations.

Harry Panting


Punto Cardinal has revolutionized the communications in our company. Beyond the assignment, they extended the possibilities to communicate, thieir work challenged us to improve and impress with our communications. Working with them was very fun because they enjoy the exploration of possibilities, always maintaining a formal communication with the company.

Silvia de Zamora

Subway El Salvador

I had work with Punto Cardinal since the beggining, key of their success it’s their people. From the corporate world they taught me the bases to create culture. Today as an entrepreneur, they provide me with tools to understand our clients better, their needs, forming strategies with the organization, constant communication and above all “action”.


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